Digital Ministry

The newest & fastest-growing missions field.

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Digital Missions

As a church, we’ve seen first-hand how technology can be used to access places and people never reached before. It's a bold new missions field we're excited to engage and multiply, bringing the love of Jesus to the world through digital tools and communication channels.

Laptop on desk with the City website on the screen
“Modern evangelism begins with a click.”

Evan O'Donoghue
Digital Evangelist

Our focus

We're embracing technology with a multifaceted Digital Ministry that's designed to be seen and heard across the globe.

Website development

Work on our website never stops. It is our online home and central hub for all things digital.

Social media

Spaces to connect where people socialise online.


Helpful tips and advice for life, sharing God's truth on a range of everyday topics.

Graphic design

Funkifying images to draw interest and stop the scroll.

Video production

We broadcast church services, testimonies and messages to a global audience.


Capturing memorable moments to share on our website, social media and print.

Bible study using Zoom

Support us

Every dollar donated to City's Digital Ministry will go towards:

  • Reaching new audiences online.
  • Creating free online content & resources.
  • The purchase of essental new equipment & software.
  • Ongoing maintenance & running cost.
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