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Christian Photos

Find the right image for your church website, event, social media post or sermon series with our curated collections on Unsplash.

An open Bible on a table

The Bible

A beautiful collection of photos featuring the greatest love story ever told.

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Friends standing together on a beach at sunset

Family & Friends

High-quality photos capturing the heart of friendship and family.

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A man singing praises to God with his hands outstretched during a church event

Music & Worship

The sound of praise, worshipping Jesus with singing and musical instruments.

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Women chatting together

Church Events

From small social gatherings to large community functions.

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A man wearing a hat jumping for joy in front of a bright colourful wall


The human condition featuring joy, sadness and everything in between.

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A women wearing a dress looking into the distance

Women’s Ministry

Embodying the heart, friendships, heartaches and lives of women.

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A side profile of a bearded man wearing a hoodie and sunglasses

Men’s Ministry

Capturing the strength, character, trials and triumphs of men.

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A child playing with toys

Kids Ministry

Kids at play, experiencing the fun and curiosity of childhood.

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Teenagers walking holding skateboards

Youth Ministry

The essence of youth, capturing the vigor, adventure and excitement of life.

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A woman with arms outstretched standing in before a lake at sunset praying to God


Spending time with God in prayer, meditating on His Word, majesty and power.

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A view of the ocean from the beach featuring birds flying as the sun rises

Our amazing God

Marvel at the wonder of God's creation, featuring all things great and small.

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A colourful abstract image

Colour | Texture | Light

A range of abstract images and art to add style to any church graphic.

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A man standing with a white shirt in front of a painted brick wall


Download and edit a wide range of mockup images for your church.

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A building with a sign that reads 'Jesus Saves' on it


A versatile series of general and symbolic Christian images.

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A map


Through the eyes of Christian missionaries near and far.

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Looking through long grass at the cross

Digital Ministry

Sharing the love of Jesus through digital technology in all its forms.

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Jesus' manger


Celebrating the birth of Jesus with a variety of images for Christmas.

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Looking through long grass at the cross


Easter images encapsulating the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

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Looking through long grass at the cross

Works of man

Man-made objects, structures and landscapes; noble or otherwise.

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